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TitlePublication yearPrimary developer
Maternity - management of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy2011New South Wales Health
Maternity - prevention, early recognition and management of postpartum haemorrhage (PPH)2010New South Wales Health
Maternity - tocolytic agents for threatened preterm labour before 34 weeks gestation2011New South Wales Health
Medical management of paediatric burn injuries - best practice2011Collaborating Authors
Meningococcal sepsis2010Collaborating Authors
Minor head injuries in children - an approach to management2010Collaborating Authors
National Heart Foundation of Australia consensus statement on catheter ablation as a therapy for atrial fibrillation2013National Heart Foundation
National hepatitis B testing policy2012Australasian Society for HIV Medicine
Neonatal resuscitation2011Queensland Clinical Guidelines
Neonatal stabilisation for retrieval2011Queensland Clinical Guidelines
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