Welcome to the clinical practice guidelines portal

Welcome to Australia’s Clinical Practice Guidelines Portal. It has been developed to help Australian clinicians and policy-makers access clinical practice guidelines via a single entry point.

This portal is an initiative of the National Health and Medical Research Council as part of our mandate to build a healthier Australia.

What will I find?

You will find links to clinical practice guidelines developed for use in Australian health care settings. Each guideline on this portal has been assessed according to rigorous selection criteria to help you find the type of guideline you are looking for.

This site provides direct links to guidelines or to guideline developer websites. The majority of guidelines we link to are free, however in a few instances payment is required.

Find out more about the way guidelines are chosen for this portal.

This site links only to Australian clinical practice guidelines. For public health and ethics guidelines approved by the NHMRC visit the NHMRC website, or for consumer health information visit the Australian Government’s HealthInsite portal.

Developing a clinical practice guideline?

The NHMRC has also developed a Guidelines in Development Register for Australian clinical practice guidelines developers planning or developing guidelines. Register your guideline details online to promote your work and link up with other developers.

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Page last modified: 11 Sep 2015