The Clinical Practice Guidelines Portal

The Clinical Practice Guidelines Portal provides access to clinical practice guidelines produced for Australian practice that have been assessed against selection criteria modified from the United States' National Guidelines Clearinghouse, and adapted to the Australian context.

Over 2400 documents have been assessed for inclusion on this portal. Selection of guidelines is an ongoing process as we seek to identify and assess new clinical practice guidelines which relate to Australian practice questions.

If you have developed an Australian clinical practice guideline which you believe meets the portal selection criteria send a copy to the Guidelines Team at clinicalguidelines@nhmrc.gov.au and we will assess it for inclusion on the Portal.

Guideline Portal

The Clinical Practice Guidelines in Development Register

The Clinical Practice Guidelines in Development Register is a place for Australian guideline developers to share information about guidelines they are working on and to keep up to date with guidelines others are developing. The Register includes key information about a guideline under development and provides details of a contact person to facilitate information sharing.

If you are planning, currently developing or updating an Australian clinical practice guideline, you are encouraged to register it.

Registering the guideline you are developing is also a requirement for seeking NHMRC approval of your guideline. More information on the procedure for seeking NHMRC approval of your clinical practice guideline can be found here.

The information you provide to the register will be publicly available. 

Guideline Register

NHMRC Newsletters

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