Clinical Practice Guidelines Portal

Welcome to the Clinical Practice Guidelines Portal

The Portal is a single access point for Australian clinical practice guidelines. The portal provides links to:

  • high quality, NHMRC approved guidelines
  • evidence-based guidelines not approved by NHMRC
  • guidelines developed by Australian guideline developers

Portal selection criteria

The following definition applies to clinical practice guidelines included on the Portal with publication dates from 2015 onwards:

Clinical practice guidelines are evidence based statements that include recommendations intended to optimise patient care and assist health care practitioners to make decisions about appropriate health care for specific clinical circumstances. Clinical practice guidelines should assist clinicians and patients in shared decision making.

This definition is based on the definition developed by the Institute of Medicine in 20111 and used by the National Guideline Clearinghouse from June 2014 onwards.

All guidelines selected for inclusion on this Portal, with publication dates from 2015 onwards, are assessed against the following selection criteria:

  • Is the guideline evidenced based?
  • Is the guideline Australian?
  • Is the guideline current?
  • Is the guideline freely available?*
  • Is a funding statement included in the guideline?
  • Was the guideline developed in a transparent manner with potential conflicts of interest stated?
  • Was the guideline developed under the auspices of a professional college or association?

*The guideline must be available to access online and free at the date of inclusion on the Portal. Portal users are encouraged to contact NHMRC at if they encounter a paywall when trying to access a listed guideline. 

Guidelines included on the Portal with publication dates prior to 2015 will remain on the Portal until they expire, normally five years after publication unless a shorter period is indicated by the authors. Guidelines published prior to 2015 which did not meet, or partially met, the first selection criterion were included on the Portal. Guidelines meeting the first criterion are clearly identified on the Portal as ‘evidence documented’. In the event a guideline does not meet, or only partially meets, the first criterion ('Is the guideline evidence based?'), Portal users are encouraged to contact guideline developers directly if they require more information about the source evidence.

Guideline developers are encouraged to contact NHMRC at if the status of their guideline changes (for example, if it is no longer current or it has been replaced by a new version).

Institute of Medicine. Graham R, Mancher M, Wolman DM, Greenfield S, Steinberg E, editors. Clinical practice guidelines we can trust. Washington (DC): National Academies Press, 2011; p2.