Clinical Practice Guidelines in Development Register

Welcome to the Clinical Practice Guidelines in Development Register 

This Register contains information about evidence based clinical practice guidelines that are being developed in Australia. It has been designed to help Australian guideline developers promote their work and get in touch with other guideline developers.

You will find a database of planned guidelines, and guidelines that are currently in development or under revision. You can search for details about guideline topics, developers and funders, as well as information about the clinical scope of the guideline. You will also find information to put you in contact with the developer.

Developing a clinical practice guideline?

Register your guideline details online to:

  • promote your work

  • help other guideline developers to get in touch with you, and

  • provide information that will help policy-makers and others better co-ordinate guideline development activities in Australia.

Developers intending to seek NHMRC approval of their clinical practice guideline are required to include their guideline on the Register. This allows you to notify us automatically of your intend to seek NHMRC approval. It also allows us to assist you in meeting the requirements of the Procedures and requirements for meeting the 2011 NHMRC standard for clinical practice guidelines.

Register or Update your guideline

To register your guideline, fill in the online registration form. The details will be emailed to you with a request to confirm or amend them before they appear on the website. 

Register a guideline

Details such as the development status, funding status and estimated dates of commencement and completion may change over time. If you would like to update the details of a guideline in development please email us to let us know which guideline details need to be changed.